Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lights at Temple Square

Classes are officially over! All that's left is finals (no big deal, right?) and then it's Christmas break! So last night, we decided to celebrate. Johnny, Adam and I drove up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. We met up with Daren and Margo at Crown Burger (they have delicious gyros!) and then we all headed over to see the lights! It's pretty funny because last year, Adam came with me and Johnny to see the lights, so it's basically tradition at this point.

We even ran into Scott at the lights. He was on a double date with his roommate and a couple of girls from Utah State. Of course Margo and Daren came prepared with hot chocolate and krispy kreme donuts, so we all got to enjoy that together. After our sweet treats, we headed back to Orem. It was such a fun trip. We are loving Christmas more than ever before!

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  1. Wow has it really been a year since that previous Christmas lights post? wow...ha I'm feeling so old! You are really adorable though. Good luck on finals and enjoy that there isn't any snow yet in Utah! Is that just amazing to me? I'm glad it hasn't snowed here again since our weird flukey snow storm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Merry Christmas!