Monday, July 21, 2014

Farmer Max Turns One

On Saturday we celebrated Max's 1st birthday.  His actual birthday is this coming Saturday, but we'll be in Arizona for a family reunion, so we celebrated early.  We thought it would be appropriate (and easiest) to have a farm theme since we live on a farm. Lots of Johnny's family came and my parents were even here from Arkansas for the celebration!

I can't believe my baby is a year old already! Max has changed and grown so much this year.  He loves crawling around and getting into everything that he shouldn't.  He has the loudest baby voice I've ever heard (and he uses it frequently).  He's ticklish all over his chubby little body and he's got the cutest laugh to prove it.  He is very physical and is still learning how to be soft.  He makes us laugh every day and is a champ at giving kisses.

I definitely miss this sweet little newborn of mine, but Max is getting so fun and I've loved watching him grow.  Here's to many more years of Mr. Max!