Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lots Doin'

So much has been going on lately I don't even know where to start.  Most recently, I quit my job.  My last day was Wednesday and I'm excited for the break.  They treated me really well but I just needed to focus on other things right now.  That's about all there is to say about that.

We've been keeping busy with lots of other things, though.  Last month, Jason got married!  Jessica was such a beautiful bride, it was a little bit ridiculous.  Johnny and I feel very blessed to have them in our lives and so happy to have been there for the big day.

The day before the wedding, Johnny and I went on a little 1.5 year anniversary getaway!  We took the train down to Salt Lake and stayed at the Little America Hotel.  We did some shopping, ate on top of the JSMB, and watched Taken 2.  Also our hotel had an awesome indoor/outdoor swimming pool on the roof which was pretty fun for us simple folk.

Don't judge me if riding the frontrunner was one of the most exciting parts of the trip for me.

For Halloween, Margo threw a family party complete with pumpkin carving, orange-colored bread bowls, chili, apple cider, and lots of Halloween treats.  It's a good thing Margo gets into the holiday festivities because otherwise Johnny would have had to settle for a scary movie and some leftover candy.

For several days I was consumed with making lots of freezer meals.  I joined Margo and all of Johnny's sisters in a freezer meal exchange, which was pretty intimidating since I had never made any freezer meals before.  I made chicken curry, Italian sausage and peppers, and teriyaki chicken.  It turned out to be a lot of food and a lot of time, but tonight when we ate our first freezer meal from Jeanette I decided it was worth it.

Chicken Curry

Teriyaki Chicken

Side note all the way from back this summer - Margo taught me how to make and can homemade salsa!  I cried the whole way through (darn onions!) but it was so fun.  I'm lucky to live so close to my mother-in-law because she teaches me so many domestic things!

Last week we went to visit Johnny's grandpa.  He lives about an hour away from us and he is a treat to be around.  Those Lee kids are pretty cute, too.

Yesterday I went to Provo for Becca's bridal shower.  I know we're technically cousins but I'm pretty sure we were meant to be sisters.  Laura and I kind of put it together (with help from some friends in Provo) and I think it turned out pretty well.  I made the decorations and some of the food, so that kept me busy for the week.  Here's some pics from the show-show.

Picture/Doily Line

Glass Bottle Yarn Vases

A little bit of a theme in the gift-giving department...

I'm good at remembering to take pictures of the food table before we dig into it.  Except that's a lie. 

Best Cousin Friends!

After the shower I spent the night at Laura and Becca's apartment for a nice slumber party.  Even though I only live an hour away from them, I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like.  It was fun to have a girls night!  

I stole this picture from Whitney (the girls' roommate).  Sometimes Laura and I accidentally match our clothes.

When I got back to Layton, Johnny and I went to his high school to watch their musical, Beauty and the Beast.  Unfortunately we had to leave early but we loved what we saw.  A couple of Johnny's students had big roles in the show, so he wanted to see them do their thing.

Clearly he was excited for the event.

From the play we went straight up to Brigham City.  We didn't get to go to the Brigham City Temple open house, so we thought we'd go today.  It was absolutely beautiful!  

There should be lots of other great things coming up in the next several weeks.  I love this time of year!