Thursday, April 7, 2011

50 bucks says we're getting married.

Yesterday we got our marriage license! A quick trip to downtown Provo and a painless $50 is all it took.  To celebrate, we went to Sammy's afterward for some delicious shakes and sweet potato fries, then to the park to enjoy the nice weather.  After that we played a couple of games of HORSE in which Johnny's mad basketball skills really got the better of me.  We did some grocery shopping, made some dinner, and then I went to work for an hour while Johnny "worked on his paper."  We finished the night with some studying slash actually working on said paper.  Nine hours later, Johnny was back at my place to pick me up for another day of class and work. 

On a somewhat related note, look at this precious picture of Johnny from when he was just a little boy.

Isn't he so cute? And I personally think he turned into a pretty dang cute adult, too.
Yep, I'm gonna marry that boy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Family Bridal Shower

Last weekend was absolutely wonderful. On Saturday I had my very first bridal shower! Johnny's mom, his sister-in-law Claire, and his sisters Jeanette, Sharla, and Amy put the whole thing together for me, and it was beautiful!  I feel so blessed to be marrying into such an amazing family.  I've already grown quite attached to the Allred's and I'm so excited to join their fam.  I know my mom and Emily were sad to not be able to throw me a shower, since I won't even be going home again until I'll have been married for a month and a half.  So we're all very grateful for the Margo and Johnny's sisters.  Here's like a million pictures from the day because I know mom and Emily will want to see all this detail. 

this is at Nate and Claire's place
cute gift table with some treats
fun decorations
lovely little cake pops made by Claire

Margo made so many of these yummy little cookies!

more desserts

I think Margo did the fruit and vegetable trays

Amy working on the chicken salad sandwiches 
more decor
Have you ever seen so much green and orange in all your life?  I love it.  It got me really excited to see all the different things they did with my colors.  And I was amazed by how many people showed up!  I didn't even know some of them, they just came to welcome me into the Allred family.  I had some of my family there, too.  Aunt Jan, Erin, Heidi, Mary, Becca, and Laura all came down for me.  It was an absolute success and I'm so thankful for all the work put into it, for the time people took out of their busy Saturdays to support me, and for all the nice gifts they gave.  

That was a great start to a Saturday, but the fun just kept going!  When Johnny got off work that day we hurried up to Layton to celebrate his birthday with his family.  Of course Margo had outdone herself again.  We had a nice feast of pizza, fruit and veggie trays, chips, drinks, delicious birthday cake and ice cream, and I'm probably forgetting other things too.  That night we watched "Waking Ned Divine" and then just hung out and talked until we decided to call it a night.  In the morning, Johnny and I woke up and drove to Salt Lake to attend Mass in the largest Cathedral in the state - it was so gorgeous! I'm in a Religion in the Home class where we just learn about the Abrahamic Faiths and one of my assignments was to attend a service of another religion.  It was a great experience.  

After that we went to Sacrament Meeting in West Valley, where Jeanette and Aaron live.  Then we went to their house for a delicious dinner.  It's always fun to see them and play with their cute kids.  After that it was back to Provo for an engaged couple fireside.  That's about all of note that happened last weekend.  

Tuesday (the 29th) was Johnny's 25th birthday!  We had a great time with friends and family here in Provo, bringing in his 25th year.  Read here for more details, because I've sure everyone is bored with all of my writing.

All in all, life is wonderful.  As Johnny reminded me this morning, "it's marriage month!"  Yay!