Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Married to an Old Man

Johnny and I were able to go to a couple of Easter parties this year- one at his parents' house and one at my aunt and uncle's house.  We are lucky to have so much family around to entertain us.

Laura brought her friend, Shelly, up for the weekend.

Johnny doing a signature dance move during the Allred Family traditional game of HORSE.

Our eggs for the egg demolition derby at the Lanoy's party.

Noah showing off his egg.

Peep stuffing competition.  Johnny came in 2nd to my cousin Jon, who I think holds a record of somewhere in the 20's!

Easter is so fun!  For the actual Easter Sunday, we got to host an Easter dinner.  I made Easter dinner last year at our apartment in Orem, so this was my second go around.  Luckily this year I had the help of my mom!  She flew into Salt Lake the day before and we are loving having her here.  She goes home this Friday, but we'll get to her visit later.  For Easter dinner this year we had Johnny, me, Mom, Laura, Becca, Derek, and Aunt Carol, so we had a lovely little group and a lovely little dinner.  Thank goodness I had Mom and Laura to help with food prep because it wouldn't have turned out nearly as nice without them.  After dinner we did a google hangout with our family back in Arkansas and David in Korea, and then we went for a walk.

Of course I also did Easter baskets Sunday morning and made Johnny, Mom, and Laura search the house to find them.  Johnny loves his Easter candy!  Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of the spiritual significance, family time, and lots of fun traditions.

Johnny's birthday was a couple of days before Easter.  I'm now married to a 27 year old, which is still weird to me since I don't even turn 23 until May.  His birthday happened to come during his spring break, so we had a whole week to celebrate.  On Monday we had my targeted ultrasound (everything looks good with baby!), on Wednesday we went to a Jazz game with our friends Mark and Jadda, and then we spent his actual birthday on Friday in Provo.  

21 weeks - over halfway there! This is our baby's legs, with his feet crossed in the bottom left of the picture.  You can also see his little belly and one of his arms.  

The Jazz won so it was a good game:)

It was so wonderful to be back in Provo.  Johnny and I have tons of great memories down there and every time I go back, it just warms my heart!  When we got to Provo on Johnny's birthday, we picked up a delicious shake and sweet potato fries from Sammy's and brought it over to a park where Johnny and I had our first kiss (we are such romantics, we know).  We also had dinner with a few friends at Red Robin and then we went to a different park for cake and a little party.  This park is where Johnny and I went on our first date after I got back from my summer in Arkansas during our early dating days.  I remember going straight to Johnny's apartment as I drove back to Provo and the nerves I felt before I got to see him for the first time in months.  We were only officially dating for 4 days before I moved home for the summer, so I was anxious to see where we would pick up once we were in the same town again.  That day, we got Iceberg milkshakes and spent hours in the park talking about anything and everything and we both knew things were going to be serious from that point on.  Six months later, we took our engagement pictures in that same park:)

I couldn't believe how many people showed up to the party!  Johnny must be well-loved because we had so many friends there and some of them we haven't seen since we left Provo almost a year ago.  It was awesome to see everyone and to celebrate Johnny.

After our picnic we tried really hard for way too long to get a picture together.  It just got comical after a certain point and somehow this is the best we came up with.

22 weeks pregnant.

I love this man so much.  Happy birthday, Johnny!

I'm going to write about my mom's visit next time.  She's still here so who knows how much more I'll have to say by then.

One last big, exciting thing before I close - Sharla had her baby!  Evalyn Watkins was born on March 20th and we were lucky enough to go visit our new niece that night.  She's beautiful and we're so happy for Sharla and her family.

I can't wait to see Johnny holding our little guy!  He looks pretty good with a baby in his arms.