Friday, March 25, 2011

Are you kidding me with the snow right now?

It's the end of March.  This week at home, it was 80 degrees and my nephew Tanner was playing in the sprinkler.  Look how cute he is:

I don't know that I've ever said this before, but I'm insanely jealous of Tanner right now.  This is more how I'm feeling today:

This baby hates snow!  And so do I.  It's the end of March!  Shouldn't it be spring time and sunny and warm outside?  That's what I tried to tell Utah, but she wouldn't have any of that.  Also, shouldn't I be in class right now?  Yes, but there's no way I'm walking outside in this weather so instead, I'm at home doing laundry and "homework."  

Johnny drove me to school this morning.  We both went to our first class at 10 and then at 11 we met up with Laura and Jess for some Jamba Juice before Jess goes all the way back to KU.  When we finished there, Johnny and I went back to his car.  Don't even worry, by the time we got there we were soaking wet because of this horrendous snowfall and subsequent slush.  When I got in the car, as Johnny was scraping the windows clear, I immediately took off my shoes and socks and I could literally ring the water out of my socks.  Boo.

Welcome to Utah.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's been a while..

I think I've found that blogging is like journal writing for me.  I can do well for a little bit, but then it's game over.  So here's to playing catch up.

A couple of weeks ago, Laura, David, and I ran the Rex Lee Run.  It's a 5k race to fight against cancer.  Saying that I'm a horrible runner is not completely true because that implies that I am, in fact, a runner.  I'm not even close.  Basically I'm way slow, but that's okay with me.  I just wanted to run this race and I wanted to run it with my BYU siblings.  Like the faithful brother and sister that they are, David and Laura stayed with me and had me laughing the whole time.  We literally crossed the finish line holding hands, just like this drawing by David depicts:

The only differences is that our shirts said "Rex Lee Run" instead of "Drake Team." 

Here's us after the race back at Laura's dorm:

We're such good friends.

A lot of other really exciting things have happened but I don't really have time to tell all.  Basically school and work and wedding plans have been dominating me.  On the plus side, I'm getting married in 30 days!  And on Saturday, Johnny's mom and sisters and sister in law are throwing me a bridal shower! I'm very excited about that.  And Johnny's birthday celebrations begin this weekend - I can tell it's going to be a great next few days.