Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Pictures

We have had all of Johnny's family together for a couple of weeks this month and it's been so much fun!  Nate and Claire moved back to the States from Australia and we have loved spending time with them before they move to Arizona again.  Since we had everyone together we decided to take some family pictures and I think they turned out pretty nice.

The whole group after Alana's baptism (even though this will be outdated any day now with our new baby on the way)

The originals

Look at all these cute Allred cousins our son will have to play with!

Johnny and me at 37 weeks pregnant

Who knows how many new people will be in the picture next time around!  This family is growing pretty quickly.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Allred Clan Campout

This year we had a great Fourth of July celebration up in the mountains.  Johnny and I joined his family camping from Wednesday to Saturday which, besides Girl's Camp, is the longest camping trip I've ever been on.  It's hands down the longest camping trip I've ever been on at 36 weeks pregnant.  We went to Tony Grove up Logan Canyon and it was absolutely beautiful! We went there last year, too, but Johnny and I couldn't actually spend the night because I had work the next morning.

Margo is basically a champion at cooking while camping and I'm pretty sure we ate better there with her open fire cooking than we do at home with my cooking.  We had so much delicious food!  Johnny did some fishing, I took daily naps in the trailer, and we played lots of fun games and went for lovely walks around the lake.  My favorite thing was escaping the 105 degree heat of Layton and trading it in for 60  and 70 degree temps.  I didn't even want to come back to civilization! 

Johnny doing his bottle trick where he hits it with his hand and the bottom breaks off.

On the Fourth we drove down the canyon into Logan to meet up with Amy and Chaz.  We made s'mores at their house and then went to a great firework show in Hyrum.  We had to get some traditional Independence Day celebrating in our vacation.  

Saturday came too soon and we had to go back home.  Thanks Margo and Daren for having us on the campout!  They put so much work into these trips and make it so fun for all of us.  Hopefully next summer we can go back to Tony Grove and bring our baby boy!