Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Being Max's Mom

Have I mentioned how great our lives are now that Max is in them?  Some days I am just close to tears thinking of how grateful I am to have him in our family.  Max is the biggest blessing we've ever received and I love spending each and every day with him. I know it sounds cheesy but whatever - I have found my calling in life.  Motherhood is the best thing to happen to me!  I may not be the world's greatest mom, but this is what I was made to do and I've never been happier.

And have I mentioned how great of a dad Johnny is?  He blows me away every time I see him interact with Max.  He's just as crazy about the little guy as I am. I'm so glad I married someone who is not only great for me but also great for our son.

Okay, sorry for being all mushy. I just had to get that out.  Here's a few of our latest happenings.

Brigham City Peach Days

Watching lots of football games

Lots of walks in the park

General Conference with the Allreds and Laura

A drive up the canyon to check out the fall colors

And just enjoying Max's overall cuteness (excuse the pun)

Next week we are taking Max on his first road trip!  We're going to Arizona to visit Nate and Claire, so I'm sure we'll have more to share soon.