Thursday, April 7, 2011

50 bucks says we're getting married.

Yesterday we got our marriage license! A quick trip to downtown Provo and a painless $50 is all it took.  To celebrate, we went to Sammy's afterward for some delicious shakes and sweet potato fries, then to the park to enjoy the nice weather.  After that we played a couple of games of HORSE in which Johnny's mad basketball skills really got the better of me.  We did some grocery shopping, made some dinner, and then I went to work for an hour while Johnny "worked on his paper."  We finished the night with some studying slash actually working on said paper.  Nine hours later, Johnny was back at my place to pick me up for another day of class and work. 

On a somewhat related note, look at this precious picture of Johnny from when he was just a little boy.

Isn't he so cute? And I personally think he turned into a pretty dang cute adult, too.
Yep, I'm gonna marry that boy.


  1. oh my gosh. I'm obsessed with your life. And fyi, your engagement photo is hanging on the center of my fridge.

  2. can all your kids please wear that same style of glasses? So classic!

  3. Sarah! This is Carlye Fightmaster
    ive been a weird stalker and reading your blogs... i love them. Cutie Patootie! Im so happy your getting married. Everyone is getting married now its awsome. and crazy