Monday, May 2, 2011


When we decided back in February that the middle tier of our wedding cake would be s'mores flavored we didn't know just how much s'mores would be a part of our new little Allred family.  Since we got married 9 days ago, we've probably had them 4 times.

We seriously just can't get enough of these decadent treats.  And don't even think that we let the absence of an open fire keep us from making s'mores - we've become pros at oven s'mores. 

I'm pretty sure we have established a pretty solid first Allred Family tradition. 

Oh and speaking of the new Johnny and Sarah Allred Family, I'll post all about the wedding once I get the pictures from the photographer.  Basically, it was the best day ever, so get excited.


  1. ahhh!!!! those look so good! i never thought about doing them in the oven!

  2. that last comment by "casey" was actually "kimber" :)

  3. Yum. You should check out these recipes:

  4. sar....i was so bummed i missed the wedding but I NEED TO SEE PICTURES!!!! oh and bomb idea about the s'mores. those things never get old. xoxo

  5. Those look amazing! Also, I'm very excited to hear about the wedding. :)