Saturday, December 31, 2011

1st Married Christmas! Oh and New Years Too.

You know this post is better late than never.

Can I just talk about how much I love Christmas? This year was especially wonderful because I got to take Johnny home for his first Arkansas Christmas. He loved it so much.

We got to spend tons of time with my family and we even hung out with a couple of my old MH friends. The weather was beautiful, so one day, Johnny and I decided to go for a walk around one of the lakes.

We had lunch with my good friend Terra and her boyfriend Jake, but I forgot to get a picture because I'm always on my toes. And the morning we left Arkansas we had breakfast with Erin and her husband Josh. Yay for old friends!

Boo for bad lighting.

We basically just loved spending time with my family and kept things pretty simple. My parents treated us to a nice dinner out and a movie (Sherlock Holmes 2). Because it's been so long since all of this took place, I think I'll just post lots of pictures to tell the rest of the story.

Johnny with his new BFF, Bailey, and Joseph & Clark. Love them all.

Breaking the gingerbread house! Yes, Clark is about 1 year younger than Tanner but 3 times larger.

Bailey loves Papa. Get prepared for lots of Bailey pics, it was my first time to meet her for crying out loud!

I've been waiting for this picture for four months!

Lots of pictures of Emily's kids because our camera died and we had to steal her pictures..

Emily helped me make pillows for part of my present from her. They go so well on our couch under our canvas wall art.

We played tons of ping pong on the table my parents bought on Black Friday. I won't say who generally won and who generally lost.

We sometimes enjoy posing with cute little santa hat cupcakes made my Emily.

My parents are spectacular.

Tanner is quite the budding photographer.

Tanner usually doesn't like me much, but once we put these fake mustaches on we really connected.

This is the best (and coincidentally the only) group shot we got this trip.

We flew back on Wednesday but it wasn't too sad of a farewell because my dad flew into Utah the very next day! He got to come out for Christian and Kim's wedding, which was absolutely perfect. We all love Kim and are so excited to have her as a new cousin! Dad bought himself an air mattress and a new pair of sheets (just more presents for us - they spoil us so much!) and stayed at our apartment as our very first house guest. We loved having him here. Johnny couldn't come to any of the wedding or reception because he was putting in 18 hour days at work (thank you, inventory), so it was so nice to have my dad around.

Super funny but also slightly sad that Johnny's suitcase arrived in Provo without wheels and with new gaping wholes in their place.

The morning Dad left - don't mind that I just woke up and am not wearing any makeup.

Dad left on Saturday just before Johnny finished inventory, so then we went up to Layton to spend New Year's with the Allreds. It was so fun. Claire made delicious sushi, games were played, and we stayed up so late.

Look how wild we are.

1 year ago from the night this picture was taken, we got engaged! We love our lives.

Okay okay, I'm officially headed to bed. It's five after 10 for goodness sake. Yay for responsibility!


  1. Can I just say how much I love you both! And also- my kids really miss you! Bailey mostly misses being held non-stop and being called "super cute super cute-super cute in her fluffy suit" and Tanner misses mustache Sarah! LOVE YOU!

  2. hooray for your guys first Christmas! I can truly say that after 4 Christmases together they just better and better!! It was fun to see you guys, even if it was for short time! We should really get together more often! you guys come to layton some and Provo really isn't too far...

  3. What a great holiday!! You guys are just adorable! And Emily's little girl is seriously adorable. I'm glad that you guys had such a wonderful Christmas and New Years together!