Monday, December 5, 2011

we love this.

So far we are absolutely loving our first Christmas as a married couple. On Saturday, we were busy doing this:

We strung popcorn for basically the entire length of time that BYU dominated Hawaii on Saturday night. And we love having a real tree - it makes our house smell like Christmas all the time! Margo donated lights and ornaments, which really helped because we had absolutely nothing to start with.

After the game ended and we were finished cleaning up our popcorn mess, we watched Miracle on 34th Street and drank hot chocolate. It's basically full on Christmas in the Allred household. Last night we had Laura, Becca, Hannah, and Sarah Michelle Allred over for dinner. Then we ate treats and watched the Christmas devotional.

I hope everyone else is getting in the holiday spirit too!

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  1. Ah Sarah your tree is so pretty!! You are so grown up with your fancy tree! Wes and I got ours this weekend too and I love having it!! Christmas is just so wonderful.