Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Over 2 Months

Can you tell school and work have kept me busy for the past two months? It's been forever and a day since I last posted. I thought I might as well start again with Thanksgiving!

We spent most of the break up in Layton with the Allreds. It was such a fun visit! We had the whole family together, which is a pretty big deal considering the size of this family. Look how big we are!
Here's one of just me and Johnny.
I love that guy.

On Wednesday, we went on a fly fishing trip. It was my first time and I never even came close to catching anything except for a huge branch, which I felt pretty good about.

When we got back from the fishing trip, Claire and I got busy making pies. She made the most delicious coconut cream pie ever (my fave!) and a lemon meringue pie. I made chocolate cream, banana cream, and apple cream. And Margo made 3 pumpkin pies! We must love pies or something.

Thanksgiving dinner was absolutely delicious! I live for homemade rolls and dressing. It's kind of weird to me that I've been away from home for the last FOUR Thanksgivings. I definitely get homesick, but it is really nice to have been able to go to the Allred's for the past couple of them.

On Friday (when Johnny was back in Orem for work) I went to Aunt Jan and Uncle Don's house in Layton to watch the Arkansas-LSU game. I hate LSU, and I especially hate that they dominated us. But it was still so nice to be around the Lanoys again. I love my family!

On Saturday, Johnny had to work again, so we got up early and drove back to Orem. I got to hang out with Laura, which is always a treat. We went shopping (yay for getting her Christmas present taken care of!), had lunch with Johnny, then came back to my apartment and watched two chick flicks back to back before I had to pick Johnny up from work and head back up to Layton. I know I've probably said this before, but I absolutely love having Laura here with me at BYU! She has saved me so many times. Sometimes I swear she's my big sister and I'm the baby of the fam.

Now that it's officially Christmas time (and I don't have homework this weekend!), we're going to buy a Christmas tree and decorate tonight! I'm so excited. I've always been to cheap to buy decorations here at college, but now that I'm married I figured it's the domestic thing to do. Plus, we'll only be in Arkansas for a week over break, so we'll have lots of time in our house to see the tree. I'm so excited for our first Christmas together! I'll post pics when we get the tree up!

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  1. Sarah I LOVE the picture of you fishing!! You are hilarious! And Wes and I went out today and got Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree too!!! Probably slightly different experiences though...ha I'll hopefully post about mine soon! Miss you! And I'm glad Laura is at BYU, and that you have Johnny :)