Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Christmas Time in the City

Today, I am reminded of some things that I could do without.
1. Getting 4-5 hours of sleep for three nights in a row.  I need at least 9 a night to properly function.
2. Being on campus so early in the morning that it's still pitch black outside- thank you, finals week.
3. Finals scheduled at 7 AM.  Why would anyone ever do that?
4. Textbook sell-back.  Don't you dare offer me $3 for a textbook that you "already met your quota for and therefore don't need" when I payed at least $50 for it.

Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm done venting. 

On a happier note, it's Christmas time!  This year, all my siblings and I drew names to buy gifts for because our family is getting too dang big (I love it though).  I got Joseph's name, so yesterday I bought him his presents and then got them wrapped for free at the bookstore (I guess the bookstore can do something right).  It got me pretty excited to get home and be with the fam.  Except Emily, Chris, and Tanner fly out to Oregon today, to spend the holidays with Chris's family.  They get back home right before New Year's, so hopefully I'll get at least a couple of days with them before driving back to Utah for Winter semester.

Another thing that got me excited for Christmas- Saturday night, Johnny, Adam, and I went up to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square.  It was so fun!  It's always so beautiful at Temple Square this time of year.  We drank hot chocolate, took tons of pictures, and listened to Christmas music all the way there and back.  I love it there because it is such a good reminder of the reason we celebrate Christmas.
Here's basically a million pictures.


Adam saw me shivering so he forced his jacket onto me.  Such a gentleman.  I was not happy about it though.

Roommate love:)

At this point, I was really excited for some reason.

One more thing - yesterday, Johnny and I celebrated our 6 months!  That's pretty legit, I think.  And when I say celebrate, I mean we took my car to the mechanic, went to Walgreens, made spaghetti and mango Koolaid (classic), and studied our brains out for finals.  It was still a very fun night, though.  I love my boyfriend.  The night before, we had a wonderful dinner at Nate and Claire's, then we went to a park and we read my journal that I started freshman year.  It was really fun, I went into pretty good detail about him back in the days before we started dating.  All in all, it's been a great six months.

Now I'm done procrastinating.  It's finals week for cryin' out loud!


  1. test book sell back...SOOO horribly true!!

  2. ah sarah i love that you're so happy. i mean like besides finals crap but i love you and am so happy for you! plus the picture of you and johnny sitting on the bench is soooo presh.

  3. Umm how was it not ridiculously crowded up there on a Saturday night? We went for mutual last week, and we couldn't move anywhere without running into people. Then again, it was mutual night for practically every other YW/YM group out there. But still....
    You look so pretty, and I love the cheesy smile in the last photo!

  4. Sarah I forgot your hair is brown. You look so amazingly cute and beautiful and soooo happy!! I just love seeing your pictures. You should come with your sister to Oregon and visit me! :) ha I didn't realize you kept such a good journal! I wish I did....according to my journal I'm still engaged. ha Whoops....my comments are always so long! Oh and I love you and Johnny. You are adorable. ok done.