Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Third Trimester, Birthday Bliss, and Mother's Day Miracles

Last Friday I turned the big 2-3.  I thought we would just do something simple here in Layton to celebrate but Johnny convinced me that it would be much better to have a little birthday getaway to St. George.  I had only driven through St. George in the past so I was excited to explore a new place with Johnny.

He had unused personal days at work so he took off Thursday and Friday for the trip. We started our 5 hour drive Thursday morning and I'm not going to lie, I handled it like a third trimester champ!  That's right, I'm 28 weeks along and so ready to get this baby here!  We came prepared with snacks and packed lunches, so when we stopped to gas up the car, I got a bathroom break, a nice walk, and a nutritious meal.  That's all a pregnant woman ever needed.

It was raining on and off when we got to St. George but we were still able to get in some great hiking right away.  We had time to kill before we could check into our hotel so we were happy that the rain let off a bit.

We checked into our hotel and went for a little swim.  Thanks, Emily, for sending me those maternity swimsuits!  Something tells me I would rip the stitching out of my other suit at this point.

For dinner we went to a delicious restaurant called Benja's Thai.  It was in the cutest little area of St. George, the downtown historic district.  Plus it had the most delicious crab wantons either of us had ever tried in our lives- yum!

We visited the temple and had a really great time there.  It was so beautiful and even just walking along the grounds felt so peaceful.

The next morning we had a nice breakfast at the hotel and then checked out.  We wanted to do a little more hiking before heading back home and we were able to find the coolest place to climb around.  It was called the Red Crack or St. George Narrows and it was the skinniest little pass to get through!  I couldn't fit because of my belly, but Johnny made it through when he held his breath!  It was so much fun.


When we got home that night we went to Margo and Daren's house for cake and ice cream.  That pretty much topped off my birthday celebration.  It was one to be remembered.

On Saturday we brought Ryan to Willard Bay so we could join our friends Mark and Jadda on their boat.  It was a blast!  The water was very cold so Mark let me wear his wetsuit for a quick swim.  The rest of the crew did some wakeboarding and tubing which was actually super fun to watch.

Johnny showing off

It felt so amazing to lay on my stomach for the first time in 7 months!

Brothers on a tube

Of course Lucy is wearing a life jacket! Safety first. 

The next day was Mother's Day and it was fun to celebrate it for the first time.  Johnny got me flowers and we spent the day at Margo and Daren's with lots of Johnny's siblings.  Oh, and I made my very first turkey!  I'm ready to be a mom now.

Sorry for the long post but we had so much fun last weekend it just had to be documented.


  1. I love that you a ready to be a Mom now that you made a turkey! LOL.. Happy First Mother's Day! and Happy Birthday! 23 was a good age!! One of my favorites so far!!

  2. Oh my gosh I love you floating on your tummy!!! Cutest little thing ever!