Monday, June 3, 2013

We Love Yellowstone

Last weekend, Johnny, Amy, Chaz, and I went to Yellowstone National Park.  We left Logan around 6:30 Friday morning and started our adventure.  We stopped in Jackson Hole and ate at the Bunnery, our favorite restaurant from our honeymoon.  Of course we checked out town square and the antler arch, too.

We drove through the Teton National Forest right before we got into Yellowstone.  It was so gorgeous!

Our first stop inside of Yellowstone was Old Faithful.  We watched it erupt a couple of times and it was quite magnificent.

We saw lots of craters, springs, basins, and geysers.

And lots of wildlife with their babies! We even got stuck in traffic a couple of times because bison were just blocking the road.  They were close enough to reach out and touch but that is strictly prohibited at Yellowstone.

We also really enjoyed this waterfall.

One of our favorite places to explore was Mammoth Hot Springs.  This is where we spent the night in a very historic (old) hotel.  Our room had two beds and a sink and we shared the bathroom and shower with the whole hall of people!  It was weird but I actually thought it was a really fun place to stay.  When we woke up in the morning and opened the window we saw an elk right outside our hotel, too, so you can't beat that.

We drove around a lot of the park and ended up going in three of the five park entrances, so we covered a lot of ground.  Obviously we had to get a classic sign picture before we left.

We started our drive back home Saturday afternoon so it was a very quick trip.  Luckily we got to stop at Bear Lake and eat some delicious raspberry shakes at La Beau's before we called it quits.  It was an awesome trip and we're so glad Amy and Chaz decided to come with us to make it even more fun.  I'm really grateful we were able to go when we did because our summer schedule is filling up fast and I didn't want to go so far away and out in the middle of nowhere much further along in my pregnancy, so this worked out best.  Speaking of, here's a belly shot because I haven't posted one in quite a while and I'm getting quite a bit bigger:)

31 weeks at Yellowstone - 9 to go!

A week from tomorrow Johnny, Laura, and I are flying to Arkansas and I can't wait!! I'm so excited to see my family and my hometown.  This is the summer of dreams for us and we get to end the summer with a brand new baby boy all our own.  Life couldn't be better!


  1. You are so cute!!! And what a super fun trip! I just cant get over the is adorable! Are you allowed to fly so late into your pregnancy?? Miss you S!

  2. So glad you had a fun trip! I love Yellowstone too :)

  3. I can't believe you guys did a multiple-day double date with Chaz and Amy! This is like a slap in the face to me and Claire. We've always loved Yellowstone. Did you even see any grizzlies?

    1. We didn't see any grizzlies, but we wanted to really badly. The bison were plentiful, and I know there were some other exotic animals hiding really close by.

  4. So glad to have my UT kids home for a while-Mom