Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mom's Utah Visit

Like I mentioned earlier, my mom came to visit for two weeks last month!  It was such a blast and I wish she never had to leave.  Every other time Mom has come to Utah since I've lived out here, things have been super hectic with weddings, graduations, and other big events.  There have been schedules to maintain and not much, if any, time to relax.  This trip was different.  My Aunt Carol got Mom out here for a sisters trip in Park City, so even though she spent some time there and some time in Provo with Laura, I got lots of one on one time with Mom.

We did lots of shopping and she helped me find some maternity clothes.  We went out to eat a lot, because Mom and I love not having to cook.  She completely spoiled Johnny and me and of course we loved that, too.

We celebrated Mom's birthday with a delicious Mexican food dinner and a surprise birthday cake courtesy of Margo. The night my in-laws got back from two weeks in Australia, Margo still finds the energy to get Mom a birthday cake.  She's a sweetheart. 

Two things Mom loved about staying at my house: the horses and my growing belly.

Here we are shopping at City Creek.  I'm pretty sure I shopped more in the two weeks my mom was here than I have in the last five years I've lived in Utah.  It was tiring on this pregnant body!

I know Mother's Day is still over a week away, but I might as well take this time to say that I have the best mom in the world.  She is caring, loving, smart, spiritual, and so patient.  She's the perfect example of what a mom should be and I hope I can be just like her when I'm raising my son.  I love that we can just talk and talk for hours at a time and not run out of things to say.  My siblings and I are lucky to have her as our mom.

It's hard for me to live far away from my family back in Arkansas, but these visits make it a little bit easier.  Except when the company leaves and I miss them so much because I remember how great it is to be around them.  Of course Mom made it easier on me in her own thoughtful way.  When I went to change the sheets upstairs, I found this little surprise.

Best Mom ever!

I'm thankful Mom came out here and I'm thankful Dad allowed it:)  Now I get to look forward to our trip back home in June to see the family again!

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