Friday, August 26, 2011

The Last Two Tuesdays of Summer and My Trooper of a Husband

All summer long Johnny and I have had Tuesdays as the only day we both have off work. So Tuesdays became our Saturdays and we've been cramming them full of fun things for our whole marriage. We have a whole list of Utah summer activities we wanted to accomplish this year, but we only have so many Tuesdays in one summer.

As school starts Monday, this past Tuesday was our last day off together and we wanted to go out with a bang. We went to Park City to experience first-hand the thrill of the Alpine Slide! But before we left Orem, Johnny had a follow up appointment with the periodontist. We thought it would be a minor thing, just a couple of stitches and then we'd be out. We were wrong. Johnny had gum graft surgery back in February or March-ish. Apparently some of it didn't take because he had to redo one side of his gums on Tuesday. After this surgery he looked pretty rough - his poor cheek is still swollen. But he was determined to take me to Park City. I tried to convince him to stay home and let me feed him pain pills but he wouldn't have it. So with me behind the wheel and him with one side of his face numbed, off we went!

We drove up Provo Canyon and stopped in Heber at the Dairy Keen for the BEST fresh raspberry shake we've ever had the privilege of indulging in.

Seriously, sooooo delicious. Even if Park City was completely closed, the trip would have been worth it just for that raspberry shake.

Once we got to Park City, we hopped on the ski lift and rode it to the top of the mountain. Then we raced down the Alpine Slide.

We may or may not have interrupted our race for a quick picture.

Then we decided to try out the Alpine Coaster. It is basically a one man roller coaster that you control your own speed on. It was so much fun! I wish we could have done it all day long.

Johnny's view on the coaster.

We finished up with a yummy mango snow-cone and then we were off to the outlet mall! Look how cute my husband is with his swollen face.

We spent a couple hours shopping at the outlets and got Johnny some nice new jeans for $15 as well as a new shirt. He tried to get me to buy something but I think I'm just too picky. We still had so much fun browsing the stores. After that, we made the beautiful drive back to Orem.

Once we made it home, my trooper of a husband decided it was time for a haircut. His mom and I cut it last time for him, but this was my first time to do it alone. We're going to save so much money with me cutting his hair, as long as the emotional damage from having an inexperienced hair dresser doesn't outweigh the cost of regular professional haircuts.

(Before is on the left and after is on the right)

With that full day and a nice 24 marathon to finish up the night, it was definitely one of our best days off all summer!

Last week for our day off we went to Antelope Island! Johnny's family would go there in the summers growing up, so he described it to me with such fond memories. It's like ten minutes from his parents' house and basically it's just an island on the Great Salt Lake. Having lived in Utah for the past three years, I thought it was a crime that I had never been to the GSL. So we planned a little Antelope Island trip with Johnny's sister Jeanette and her three kids. It was definitely quite a bit different than I had imagined but I still loved it. We had a nice picnic lunch and then played in the water which was so salty that even I could float! I was so excited because I can never float, I just sink like a rock.

Alana, McKayla, and Brandon on the way to Antelope Island for their first time! Brandon is much more excited than he looks.

Let me now teach you everything you need to know about brine flies. They are EVERYWHERE at Antelope Island. Just ask Jeanette's van.

My husband the mud monster.

Alana laughed the entire time we were burying her.

I think it's safe to say we all love Antelope Island.

We have had such a spectacular summer but now it's time for school again. I'm taking 16 credits and working 16 hours a week. Johnny is taking 17 credits and working even more than that, so it's going to be a crazy semester. Hopefully we can still see each other from time to time in the coming months. We are getting excited to have everyone back at BYU though! Last night we picked up Laura from the Provo airport and got her settled into her apartment at the Colony (her new apartment is right above my old apartment from sophomore year)! Right before that we had Thai food with my cousin Becca and her mom, Aunt Carol. It's so nice to have these girls back - I've missed them so much this summer!

Life is so exciting right now!


  1. Those flies are the reason I never stepped foot in the GSL. SO gross. Of course, I don't know if my family went to Antelope Island or just some GSL visitor's center. It was years ago... I just remember thinking the sand was dark because it was wet, but then you walk closer and it's a TON of those flies! Yuck! Looks like you all had fun though! I love Park City! Jon and I haven't done any of the summer activities at the resorts though.

  2. What a cute and fun life you have!!! I'm super jealous of your adorable outings and your husband is a trooper for doing everything on drugs! ha The bug questions is really really nasty! I have the biggest fear of nasty bugs! We have 2 flies in our apartment that I swear can't die and they drive me insane. ha Have a great year!

  3. You guys are living the newlywed dream. If you're lucky Johnny will be bald in a couple of years and you won't even have to cut his hair anymore...