Saturday, August 13, 2011

Babes and Waterfalls

Biggest and happiest news of the summer - Baby Bailey is here! For details check out my beautiful sister's blog. All I can say is that she is beautiful and she is perfect and I want to hold her so bad! She just had her newborn pictures taken yesterday. Every time I look at them I fall in love with all 7 lbs 11 ounces of her.

Emily has a great photographer for her kiddos. I love Bailey Joyce! I was in the room when Emily had Tanner so it's been hard to be away from home right now. Needless to say, Johnny and I have been trying to keep busy.

Here is what has been occupying our time as of late:

  • A trip to the Jordan River Temple. We recently decided that we want to visit as many temples as we can together. Since there are approximately 1 million of them in Utah, we figured this is a great place to start.
  • Attempting to decorate slash furnish our apartment. Staying true to the newlywed college students that we are, we don't have much money to spend on unnecessary items. That is why we spent $20 on five pieces of furniture. We bought a dresser with drawers that never close correctly upon first attempt, two end tables, a coffee table, and a little entertainment center thing from this apartment complex that was getting rid of all their old furniture. We also received two free couches because we are very lucky people. We decided to paint the end tables red and use them as nightstands by our bed. I forgot to get a before picture, but they were just like oak or something. We even used primer because we're real experienced at painting.
I still need to paint our dresser black, but then I think I'll basically be done with our bedroom. The rest of the house is calling now...

  • Dinner with my cousin Jon, his wife Erin, and their sweet kids Michael, Rachel, and Jacob. they had us over for some delicious hamburgers, and we even had s'mores for dessert! It's always fun to spend time with the cousins.
  • We've been hanging out with Jason! He's back until the end of August and we've had the privilege to spend last Friday night and basically all of Tuesday with him. On Friday we mostly just went out to eat and talked a lot and played Farkle party (feel free to ask who won most of those games) then watched Sgt. Bilko. Oh and Jason modeled one of our new (to us) couches.
Don't they both look so good?

First they were great friends and roommates, then we were all great friends and they were still roommates, and now we're still great friends and Johnny and I are roommates.
  • On Tuesday, I took my Bear Den to Thanksgiving Point to check out farm animals (yes, I am a Cub Scout leader). When I got home, Johnny and Jason were playing college football on the PS3 just like the good ol' days. We had some left over red chili burritos and then headed up Provo Canyon to hike Stewart Falls! It was so beautiful! Here's lots of pictures from that experience.
Does anyone else have kissing under a waterfall on their places to kiss checklist? It's always been pretty high on mine, and on Tuesday, that dream finally came true. Only instead of feeling like a dream it felt like an instant brain freeze to the hundredth power, which I thought was only supposed to happen when you eat cold food too fast. I'm telling you, the mist coming off of that fall alone was enough to get us both shivering. But we didn't let that scare us away. We went under, nearly got our heads pounded off by icy water, closed our eyes and kissed faster than we even know was possible. When we opened our eyes, it was too hard to see anything but we hurried out from under that waterfall like our lives depended on it. When we saw the picture Jason took for us, it looked like we weren't even under the water at all! But every sensation in our bodies told us that we were under that water. Johnny asked if I wanted to do it again, and of course I said yes. He was not expecting that and I think he was actually really disappointed that I said yes because then he couldn't back down. We made the trek again and got a little better picture and it was such a rush! We literally felt like we were going to pass out, like it took years off of our lives. Who would have thought something as simple as kissing under a waterfall would be so difficult?

What a success story. Don't mind my awkward legs or the fact that it looks like Johnny wet himself.

Once we got back from our adventure, we ordered pizza and watched Pearl Harbor, and two of the three of us may or may not have shed a tear at the film.
  • Last Sunday we had Margo, Daren, and Scott over for Sunday dinner. I was a little nervous to cook for them, but with Johnny's help everything turned out fine. They are so complimentary! I think they said something nice about everything they ate. It was really nice because they could probably tell I was nervous about it. So even if the food wasn't great, they definitely made me feel like it was.
  • Kelsey's open house! My dear friend Kelsey Faye Hogge (Ewing) got married last Friday, and she had an open house in Morgan, UT last night. Johnny and I drove up to see the beautiful bride, her cute husband Tyson, and the lovely Hogge family. They are such great people and I hadn't seen them in forever! So that was a fun trip.
That's all for now. But don't even worry, there will be so much more so very soon. We're still trying to have lots of fun before we start our senior year of college!


  1. Sarah, you are hilarious! I love reading your blog. And what do you mean you don't know what to do without us? You guys have been doing tons of fun stuff.

  2. "Dont mind my awkward legs or the fact that it looks like johnny wet himself" hahahaha
    I love reading your blog. Love ya sis!

  3. 1. Your niece is so cute. I think you should bring her back to Utah after Christmas.
    2. That's a good goal! I think I've been to 8 temples in Utah, so far.... but I've only actually been inside 3!
    3. Way to be frugal! I'm terrible at painting furniture- I make Jon do it. I've been trying to do picture frames, but it is a project that has taken way too long, and I don't know if I'll ever finish.
    4. I've always wanted to go to Stewart Falls! We've been trying to go for the last two years, but the only times we've made it up that way was when there was still too much snow! I can't believe you guys got that close to the waterfall! The mountain water sure is cold!!!!