Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Wedding Videos are Here!

We made it through our first week of school! Almost.. I get off work at 8:00 tonight and then we're really home free. It's going to be an absolutely crazy semester but I think we might just make it work. I'm on campus from about 8 or 9 each morning until 6 or 6:30 each night (except Friday nights when I work till 8). Johnny is the same on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, but on Tuesday/Thursdays he leaves campus and works at the plumbing store from 11-6. You'd think that since we're on campus so much that we would be homework free by the time we finally get home, but that's not the case. School and work consume us!

We also started doing P90X again this week. We did it when we were dating and engaged, but this summer we were lazy bums! If you see us with really really huge muscles in the near future you'll know why.

On to the reason for this post - I finally uploaded our wedding videos! There are three of them but don't worry, each one is only a few minutes so hopefully if you watch them you won't get too sick of us. Thanks again to Scott for putting these gems together! He definitely hooked us up and we love them!

Can I just say I love my wedding?


  1. Super cute Sarah! I loved your wedding. I'm sad Wes and I didn't do a video thing at our wedding. And Wes and I have start P90x too!! I'm not very good at it....ha Miss you!

  2. i love all of these. seriously. i'm obsessed. i feel like i was a little bit at your wedding now. you could not look more beautiful and happy. i just love you two together.

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