Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Great Weekend Leads to Super Sick Days

First of all, welcome fall!  I absolutely love this time of year.  The changing leaves, the corn mazes and haunted houses, the spooky movies, clinging to my husband during those last two things.  Fall is just plain fun.  We've been trying to take full advantage of the new season.  A few weeks ago Johnny and I went on a drive up the canyon to check out the leaves. Here's some shots we captured:

Last weekend we drove up to Logan for an Allred sibling party, or more accurately a Logan-Allred sibling party.  Ryan, Scott, Amy, and Chaz all go to Utah State so we decided to go up for a visit.  It's one of the perks of living in Layton, we're much closer to most of Johnny's family.  Anyway, we started our Logan visit with a trip to Burger King because we love cheap food and Johnny has a coupon book full of great BK deals (thanks to a fundraiser for the Fremont High School marching band).   Then we headed over to the Little Bear Bottoms corn maze and haunted river trail.  I definitely screamed a lot on the river trail but that's to be expected considering my jumpiness.

After Bear Bottoms we went to Scott's house and watched the Woman in Black.  Spoooky!  I think we got home around 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning.  I got to sleep in until like 9:30 that morning but Johnny got up at 7:00 to play basketball with his friend Mark.  Poor guy, he was exhausted that day!

When he got back from basketball we drove to Provo for BYU's homecoming game against Oregon State.  Our friends from Orem, Ryan and Allegra Bel, got us tickets because Ryan is interning with the athletic trainer for the football team.  Such a sweet hookup!  The first three quarters of the game went great and then we fell apart, so we'll skip over that.  Still a fun game, though.

After the game and the crazy game traffic we went to Los Hermanos (Johnny's favorite Mexican restaurant in Provo) with Ryan, Allegra Bel, Laura, Whitney (Laura's roommate), and Chris (Johnny's old roommate slash mission friend).  Such yummy food and even better company.  We got back to Layton late that night, completely exhausted from our crazy busy/fun weekend.

I guess I can only handle so much of a good time because I got sick after our wild weekend.  Just a nasty cold is all, but it knocked me out for three days of work.  I'm still on the mend so hopefully I get all better real soon!

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