Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Know My Life is Exciting When My Biggest Update is About Puzzles.

From the lack of blog posts in recent months it probably looks like Johnny and I have been super busy doing lots of super cool things, but I'm pretty sure I've just gotten lazy.  We did a few fun things to finish up the summer, though.  Before we drove down to Arizona for my family reunion, Johnny and I spent the day at Lagoon!  It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it.  I even rode all of the scary roller coasters! (I'm usually a huge baby about scary rides, but for some reason at Lagoon I just decided to man up and go on all of the roller coasters.)

We also had a blast in Arizona with all of my mom's side of the family.  We drove down there with my cousin Becca and her fiance Derek.  It was way too short of a trip but so worth it!

I think Johnny was a pretty big hit with Brooklyn and Kaymie.

My man has got the moves!

We also had a great visit from our dear friend Jason this summer!  He and Johnny were roommates at BYU and we're all great friends to this day.  I was thinking the other day about this, and I'm pretty sure I met Jason before I met Johnny.  Then we all became friends and hung out all the time even before Johnny and I started dating.  Jason gets married next month to a beautiful girl named Jessica and we couldn't be more excited for them!


One day, Johnny and I attempted to watch a meteor shower.  We had a campfire and made s'mores and I think we each saw one meteor.  Great night.

The biggest news of late has got to be that Johnny is officially teaching!  I seriously couldn't be more proud of him.  He loves his job, he's great at it, and he is doing something important in the world.  He worked so hard through college to get here and I'm so glad he's happy with his career.  This Friday night we're even going to Fremont High School's homecoming game because we are so supportive of the silver wolves.

Look how cute he is on his very first day!

For Labor day weekend we spent some time at my Aunt Jan and Uncle Don's cabin with their family.  It was absolutely beautiful!  We also checked out Swiss Days in Midway.  It's a cute little festival with lots of vendors and quaintness.  

The only really exciting news I have about me is that I'm recently addicted to puzzles.  We bought our first one at Swiss Days and since then I've borrowed several from Margo (she literally has hundreds of them - goldmine!).  

We had a cousins dinner this past Sunday at our house in Layton.  Turns out Laura and Becca are pretty good at puzzles, too.  We took this photo after finishing my first 1000 piecer!

That pretty much sums up our lives as of late.  I'll probably post again if something cool ever happens!


  1. Haha. You guys are awesome. I love your addiction to puzzles but I am concerned about the amount of time you are spending around the elderly. I think they are rubbing off on you. Love you!!

  2. You are so cute!! I love that your one of those adorable teachers wives that goes to sporting events! I agree with you sister...you might want to hang around some younger people as well...Like Me!

  3. That is so funny that you are addicted to puzzles! You and Margo should have a party. That campfire sounds so fun! I wish we could've come! Was Arizona sweltering? I bet it was so fun to see your family. We miss you guys!

  4. I love puzzles too! It's a healthy stress reliever for me.. So excited for Johnny!! I love the Silverwolves!! I Loved going there! If you guys ever want to head to a game together Hit us up!! It's like pulling teeth to get Dallin to go but I know he would go if Johnny went! glad to hear you guys are enjoying Layton!!