Friday, July 22, 2011

Remembering Grams

I suppose now is as good a time as any to post about the passing of Grams. Around 3:30 Saturday morning (July 9th), Johnny and I got a call from back home. My family told me that Grams probably wouldn't make it through the night. By 4:30 am, she was gone. I miss her terribly each day, but I'm happy that she's with Grandpa again after 15 years and that she is no longer suffering.

With a little help from the fam, I was able to fly home the following Tuesday - Sunday for the funeral. It was so good to be with them. Johnny was scheduled to fly out Thursday morning, to make it in time for the viewing that night, but because his plane was damaged in a Denver hail storm, and since he was scheduled to fly back to Utah the next day, his flight was cancelled completely. We all wanted him there, but apparently it just wasn't in the cards.

Still, I'm so grateful I got to go home. Even though it was hard, I needed to say goodbye to Grams.

Grams was without a doubt one of the most influential people in my life. She was the best listener and sympathizer in the world. She always made me feel better when I was sad. She was such a supportive grandma. She taught me how to make pies and fudge and dinner rolls and caramels. She made me laugh anytime I was around her. She gave me fashion tips. She was always there for me, right across the street.

She loved me enough to come to my wedding even though she felt so weak and could hardly hold her head up. She never missed a grandchild's wedding.

I miss Grams so much. But I'm so thankful to have had her in my life these past 21 years.

Here are some pictures of my most recent memories of Grams.

Chris and Emily's Wedding in Oregon, June 2007

Joseph and Julieta's Wedding in Utah, April 2008

My High School Graduation, May 2008

Grams' Surprise 75th Birthday Party, August 2008

Trevor's High School Graduation, May 2009

Fourth of July, 2009

Emily's Baby Shower for Tanner, July 2009 (Grams hosted so many showers at her beautiful home!)

With me, Laura, and Becca (her adopted granddaughter), July 2009

At the Hospital for Tanner's Birth, August 2009

Thanksgiving in Utah, 2009

Christmas in Arkansas, 2009

Sushi with the Fam, August 2010

Julieta's Baby Shower for Clark, August 2010

Christmas in Arkansas, 2010

My Wedding in Utah, April 2011

She will surely be missed by anyone who had the privilege of knowing her.

Here's some pictures from the family gathering for the funeral that I'm stealing from Emily who I believe stole them from either my cousin Maren. (Seriously, if you read Emily's blog you've already seen every one of these pictures. Thanks Emily and Maren!)

Thursday night after the viewing, all the girls in the family got together at Grams' house. We laid out all of her jewelry on her bed and then we picked out things we wanted to keep. It was so much fun to look at all of her stuff! She had accumulated quite the collection over the years. And now we can each carry a little piece of her with us whenever we wear her jewelry.

After the funeral on Friday, we all came home and changed into casual clothes for lots of family pictures. Here's all of the grandkids. We came from Alabama, Colorado, California, Utah, and (most impressively) China! I think that covers everyone..

For this shot we threw in some spouses, too. I think we're just missing one wife and four husbands.

This is everybody!

Just the immediate family here (minus a very missed Johnny).

I love my family. I love how everyone came together for a sad and hard thing, but we still managed to laugh and remember Grams with such love. That's the only way anyone can remember Grams. I think we're planning a reunion next summer, so I really hope to see everyone again then and to continue this legacy that Grams left us!


  1. Sarah she looks like she was an incredible lady. I remember you talking about her when we lived together. I'm sorry to hear about her passing but it all works out. Love you and love seeing how your hair has changed over the years in these pictures!

  2. I'm so jealous of all the pictures you have of you and Grams. I don't think I have a single one. SO SAD! I love you! And I will try and get the rest of Maren's pics to you on a cd soon. Dad has the jump drive that has all the pics-so I will talk to him. LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Sarah- I cannot say this enough but I am thankful to you and your family for sharing such an ELECT LADY like Mrs. Bettye w/ me and Madison. She was a true sweetheart, a great role model and so much more! When I first came to MH she was so super nice and just made me an "adapted" member of the family. She opened her heart, home and arms to me. That is something that I needed at that time-she showed me lots of things just by the way she lived. I will not ever forget her and how wonderful she was. Her legacy lives on through each and every life she touched. I just hope I can live up to her example. Again thanks for sharing such a wonderful woman with me.