Monday, July 18, 2011

Brittnye's Beautiful Wedding

Here's a few pictures from my trip to California for Brittnye's wedding! I had so much fun staying with my cousin Shannon and her cute family. And it was amazing to be able to see Brittnye and Dave get married. They were basically MFEO. She made such a beautiful bride!

Shannon's kids (Crew and Graham) are so ridiculously cute!

Southern California treated me well once again.


  1. YAY! Thanks sarah! I seriously check her page like every day hoping someone has tagged wedding pictures of her. ha She did look so beautiful! And so did you! Seriously I'm so sad I missed it....

  2. Love the MFEO reference... and LOVE SD temple!!!

  3. AHHHH SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. so happy for her.

  4. very beautiful bride. And Shan's kids are so stinkin' cute. I'm glad you got to stay with her. Thats so fun! Love ya!