Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best Honeymoon Ever.

This is a very late post about our honeymoon. I've been a little busy the past month so now I'm trying to play catch up. We had so much fun and could not even imagine a better honeymoon!

We went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We chose Jackson because neither of us had ever been there (even though once we got there, Johnny remembered that he had actually been there before), it was close enough to drive to, but far enough for us to feel like we were still on vacation, and because Jackson is beautiful. All good reasons.

On our wedding night we stayed in a hotel in Layton so that we wouldn't have to drive all night to Jackson. We had a very busy day and by the end of the reception, we were so tired. We got up Sunday morning and started driving north. On our way through Idaho we saw this:

But we did laugh.

We got to our hotel around 4 or 5 that afternoon. The hotel was technically in Teton Village, about 15 minutes outside of Jackson. It was called Hotel Terra and it was so luxurious! It was basically a classy, organic hotel and we loved our suite! It had a bedroom, bathroom (with a rain shower - I need one in my future home), a full kitchen, living room, patio, fireplace, two flat screen tvs, and everything else anyone could ever want. Our favorite feature of the hotel was the rooftop hot-tub in which we were always the only ones visiting and that had a waterfall over the edge. We used it like every day and it was best when it was snowing outside. We loved the kitchen because we made s'mores in our oven. Johnny got really excited about that.

Turns out that the week of April 24-29 is in between seasons in Jackson, so the whole town was pretty empty. I think we may have been the only guests at the hotel so we basically ran the place.

We went to lots of little shops in Jackson. I had to be forceful with Johnny and forbade him to purchase this $700 ensemble:

As you can tell, he simply felt much too confident in it. But we quickly made amends.

Jackson is a funny place. It kind of reminds me of a mountain version of Branson. For instance, look at this landmark on the town square. Yes, that is an archway made of antlers. Don't question it.

We ate out a lot. We had really good Chinese food, barbecue, pizza, and Italian food. Our favorite place was called the Bunnery, which had a delicious breakfast menu. The name of the place didn't hurt it, either.

We saw several art galleries and museums, too, mostly because we're so cultured. This is us outside of the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Johnny took it upon himself to make us the same height.

We wanted to see some more of the Tetons, so we drove into the forest. Then we got real crazy and climbed our way down to this river. We know, we're super adventurous.

One more thing. Jacksonians LOVE moose. Seriously, they just can't get enough of the little guys. Remember the antler archways? I'm telling you, it's an infatuation. When in Jackson...

you know the rest.

We also saw Water for Elephants in this really old theater (super cute). Oh and we definitely watched over half a season of 24 in our suite. Thank you, Netflix.

We had the best time ever on our cozy little honeymoon! It was so nice to completely relax and have zero responsibilities. Our wedding went off without a hitch, we both had a stellar ending to the semester, and work went on without us. Usually when vacations end, I'm sad about leaving and getting back to real life. But this time, we were even excited to get back to our little apartment and start married life together!

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  1. Sarah you are too cute! It sounds like such a fun honeymoon!! And I'm just glad you had a wonderful time! Really, I just love reading your blog!