Sunday, November 21, 2010

And Foremost.

I perpetually miss my family.  Here's the whole crew in 2009.

And the summer of 2010 - notice the addition of Tanner.  He is seriously the funniest little kid I've ever met, and he doesn't even talk yet.  I dread slash can't wait for him to get older.  I'm sure he'll still have everyone laughing like it's his day job.

And one more, just for good measure.  This time David is missing because he was stuck in Utah...

I have the cutest nephews in the world.  Tanner is 15 months old, and Clark is almost 2 months old.  I love these little guys more than life itself.

Here's a pic from October 30th of me holding Clark - isn't he precious?!  Basically, over Halloween weekend, Laura, Johnny, and I surprised my whole family (minus our accomplice and airport driver, Emily) by flying home for the weekend!  It was so much fun.  I love surprising people, especially with my presence.  Laura and I wanted to meet our new nephew so bad, and Johnny and I wanted him to meet my family.  So one random day in the beginning of October, Johnny said to me:
     "Hey, I've got tons of money.  I just got the biggest paycheck of my life."
So I said:
     "We should spend it all!  What should we do?"
To which Johnny replied:
     "Let's go to Arkansas."
And he immediately started looking at plane tickets.  Best boyfriend ever?  Probably.

Speaking of boyfriends, meet Johnny.  I liked him from the first night I met him, and that feeling hasn't gone away.  We met around this time last year, became really good friends, and started dating in June.  Oh, and then I moved home for two months, four days into the relationship.  We talked every night on the phone while we were apart, and picked things right back up again when I got back to Provo in August.  That's the short version of our history, and that will have to do for now.  Here's a picture of us from our "really really good friends but not yet dating" stage.  This stage lasted a while...

Here's one of us from my cousin's wedding reception in Layton, which just so happens to be Johnny's hometown.

He always makes me laugh, which works out perfectly because laughing is my favorite.

Johnny loved Arkansas.  I can't say I blame him.


  1. Sarah you are so adorable. I love your blog so much. ha You and Johnny are adorable and Tanner is soooo cute. My little Issac might compete though for cutest nephew :) ha

  2. Hey it's Erin Robeson! I love your blog :) Your nephews are Definitely adorable and so are you and Johnny! Love it!

  3. Haha- I love the picture on the heading of your blog- Tanner looks terrified of you. I think you should post the next one, after he has won the chicken fight and you and David are falling over. Priceless. Love the blog and Love you!

  4. I love your nephews, and I think I might sneak them in my car on our way home. What do you think? :)